About Us

Our mission is to create a virtual community where Ismaili singles can meet, connect, and find love.

The creators of Ismaili Spark understand how difficult it can be to meet that special someone. In today’s society work life is often all consuming causing many to travel in small circles between home and work, very rarely venturing beyond their comfort zone. There is a need for a place where Ismaili singles can feel safe and have the opportunity to meet the wonderful people that are part of our community, thereby increasing their chances of finding someone to share their life with. We created Ismaili Spark to be that place.

We are dedicated to providing superior online dating services and the best possible experience for our members. We believe innovation is the key to providing exceptional service; using exciting Web 2.0 technology, such as built-in video messaging, is only the first step. We will continue to innovate to give you the best chance of meeting your spark.

We hope you enjoy your time at Ismaili Spark and we welcome feedback on how to enhance your experience.

The Ismaili Spark Team