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Your profile communicates who you are and what you are looking for in a partner. Your profile can include information about your work, education, hobbies, partner expectations, and more. The more detailed your profile, the higher your chance of finding a compatible spark.

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The photo album allows you to upload photos to further express yourself and give others the opportunity to learn more about you. By including pictures that show your hobbies and interests, whether it be skiing, raas, or even relaxing at home, these pictures will attract people with similar interests.

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At Ismaili Spark we believe you should have complete control over who is able to see your profile and photos. Using the privacy options in your profile and photo album you can choose what information and photos you want to hide. Once you meet a potential spark and are comfortable, you can choose to reveal this hidden information to deepen your relationship with them.

Searching Ismaili Spark’s quality profiles is a successful and easy way to find your spark. Use the quick search, or the advanced search (with 28 criteria) to find other singles you are compatible with.

Once you find a potential spark our service offers a variety of ways to communicate, you have the choice of sending an ice breaker or email, instant messaging, or videoconferencing. Communicating online is a safe and anonymous way to truly get to know a potential spark.

As you get to know other Ismaili singles, use our tools to keep track of those you feel a connection with. When you mark other users as favourites or sparks, these individuals are short listed in your account, providing easy access to their profiles.